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[MISC] Move XHTMLChainingRenderer#HTML_TYPES to SyntaxType

* updated name and description
parent 54a058cf
......@@ -126,11 +126,12 @@ public class SyntaxType implements Comparable<SyntaxType>
public static final SyntaxType HTML = register("html", "HTML");
* Syntaxes that can be rendered directly by Browsers.
* Syntaxes that are from the HTML family.
* @since 13.9RC1
public static final Set<SyntaxType> BROWSER_TYPES = SetUtils.hashSet(XHTML, HTML, ANNOTATED_XHTML, ANNOTATED_HTML);
public static final Set<SyntaxType> HTML_FAMILY_TYPES = SetUtils.hashSet(XHTML, HTML, ANNOTATED_XHTML,
* Plain text syntax.
......@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@ public void onImage(ResourceReference reference, boolean freestanding, Map<Strin
public void onRawText(String text, Syntax syntax)
// Directly inject the HTML content in the wiki printer (bypassing the XHTML printer)
if (SyntaxType.BROWSER_TYPES.contains(syntax.getType())) {
if (SyntaxType.HTML_FAMILY_TYPES.contains(syntax.getType())) {
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