Commit 06d508fb authored by matteo-cristino's avatar matteo-cristino Committed by Jaromil
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removed unused functions

parent aabf55c0
......@@ -74,13 +74,6 @@ local function kyber_import_kem(obj)
return res
local function kyber_export_kem(obj)
local res = {}
res.kyber_secret = obj.kyber_secret:hex()
res.kyber_ciphertext = obj.kyber_ciphertext:hex()
return res
local function ntrup_public_key_f(obj)
local res = ZEN.get(obj, '.')
......@@ -115,14 +108,6 @@ local function ntrup_import_kem(obj)
return res
local function ntrup_export_kem(obj)
local res = {}
res.ntrup_secret = obj.ntrup_secret:hex()
res.ntrup_ciphertext = obj.ntrup_ciphertext:hex()
return res
-- check various locations to find the public key
-- algo can be either 'dilithium' or 'kyber'
-- Given I have a 's' from 't' --> ACK.s[t]
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