Commit 0ba2eb3c authored by Jaromil's avatar Jaromil
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increase test verbosity

parent 5b6e2902
......@@ -267,9 +267,13 @@ shell-tests = \
# since some trigger warnings when compiled with full debug
# $(call himem-tests,${test-exec})
@echo "Test target 'check' supports various modes, please specify one:"
@echo "\t check-osx, check-shared, check-static, check-js"
@echo "\t check-debug, check-crypto, debug-crypto"
check-osx: test-exec-lowmem := ${pwd}/src/zenroom.command 2>/dev/null
check-osx: test-exec := ${pwd}/src/zenroom.command 2>/dev/null
check-osx: test-exec-lowmem := ${pwd}/src/zenroom.command
check-osx: test-exec := ${pwd}/src/zenroom.command
${test-exec} test/constructs.lua
$(call lowmem-tests,${test-exec-lowmem})
......@@ -279,8 +283,8 @@ check-osx:
@echo "All tests passed for SHARED binary build"
@echo "----------------"
check-shared: test-exec-lowmem := ${pwd}/src/zenroom-shared 2>/dev/null
check-shared: test-exec := ${pwd}/src/zenroom-shared 2>/dev/null
check-shared: test-exec-lowmem := ${pwd}/src/zenroom-shared
check-shared: test-exec := ${pwd}/src/zenroom-shared
${test-exec} test/constructs.lua
$(call lowmem-tests,${test-exec-lowmem})
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