Commit 942a717a authored by Jaromil's avatar Jaromil
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simple big number concatenation

can be improved to support variadic notation (a..b..c..d) if detecting
type of octet on the right side and acting accordingly.
parent 117567ed
......@@ -133,6 +133,18 @@ static int big_to_octet(lua_State *L) {
return 1;
static int big_concat(lua_State *L) {
big *l = big_arg(L,1); SAFE(l);
big *r = big_arg(L,2); SAFE(r);
// BIG_norm(l->val); BIG_norm(r->val);
int nlen = l->len + r->len;
octet *o = o_new(L, nlen +2); SAFE(o);
o->len = nlen;
return 1;
// useful to double-check big_to_octet():hex()
// this function is known to return good results
static int big_to_hex(lua_State *L) {
......@@ -280,6 +292,7 @@ int luaopen_big(lua_State *L) {
{"eq", big_eq},
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