Commit d7db5a1a authored by Jordi Coscolla's avatar Jordi Coscolla Committed by Jaromil
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Typo on the Makefile

parent 6e2f9416
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ apply-patches:
# TODO: improve flags according to
Javascript-node: cflags += -DARCH_JS -D'ARCH=\"JS\"' --memory-init-file 1
javascript-node: cflags += -DARCH_JS -D'ARCH=\"JS\"' --memory-init-file 1
javascript-node: ldflags += --memory-init-file 1 -s WASM=0
javascript-node: apply-patches lua53 milagro lpeglabel
CC=${gcc} CFLAGS="${cflags}" LDFLAGS="${ldflags}" LDADD="${ldadd}" \
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