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    [IMPROVE] Technical debts of components (#202) · 84eec9f3
    Tasso Evangelista authored
    * Update dependencies
    * Update Alert component
    * Update Avatar component
    * Split ButtonGroup from Button
    * Add support for icon and badge on Button component
    * Embed ChatButton into Screen component
    * Update FilesDropTarget component
    * Don't export Sound component as default
    * Don't export Composer component as default
    * Don't export Footer component as default
    * Don't export Form component as default
    * Update Composer component
    * Recover submit event from some forms
    * Update TextInput, PasswordInput, and SelectInput components
    * Remove FileUploadInput and move its behavior to FilesDropTarget
    * Fix memo() helper
    * Add white background to Storybook
    * Add memedIpsum() helper for stories
    * Expose MemoizedComponent helper
    * Update Form components
    * Update history module initialization
    * Remove Storybook's console addon
    * Update Messages components
    * Fix MessageList scroll positioning
    * Update Message attachment handling
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