Resolve "ACC_DEPRECATED flag (or corresponding attribute) is lost if the constant pool is copied"

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There is a generic way to implement the same thing, which would automatically ensure that this logic is always up to date:

boolean canCopyMethodAttributes(
    final int access,
    final String name,
    final String descriptor,
    final String signature,
    final String[] exceptions,
    final ClassReader source,
    final int sourceOffset,
    final int sourceLength) {
  if (symbolTable.getSource() == source) {
    MethodWriter sourceWriter =
        new MethodWriter(
            symbolTable, access, name, descriptor, signature, exceptions, COMPUTE_NOTHING);
    int methodInfoSize = computeMethodInfoSize();
    if (methodInfoSize == sourceWriter.computeMethodInfoSize()) {
      ByteVector byteVector = new ByteVector(methodInfoSize * 2);
      for (int i = 6; i < methodInfoSize; ++i) {
        if ([i] !=[i + methodInfoSize]) {
          return false;
      this.sourceOffset = sourceOffset;
      this.sourceLength = sourceLength;
      return true;
  return false;

However, the benchmarks showed this is about 10% slower than the current (buggy) implementation for an optimized transform with the 'copyPool' option. I thus kept the current implementation method (with the bugs fixed), and added a test to make sure this method is updated (if needed) when new attributes are defined.

Closes #317822 (closed) Closes #317824 (closed)

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