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    - Added PDP XML schema for loading PDP configuration using JAXB only · 49b36532
    Cyril Dangerville authored
    (not DOM) -> PdpConfigurationManager
    - Fixed NPE in permit-unless-deny/deny-unless-permit algs
    - Fixed deny-unless-permit/deny-unless-permit algs to combine
    obligations/advice from combined elements (not only the one that
    returned permit for denyUnlessPermit, or deny for permitUnlessDeny, but
    also others)
    - Removed commented classes/dead code/code not used anymore
    - Added framework for handling PDP extension: IPdpExtension interface
    and use it as interface for all PDP extensions starting with
    AttributeFinderModule, PolicyFinderModule with corresponding XML type
    (module/extension configuration model) as type parameter;
    PdpExtensionFactory, PdpModelHandler, SchemaHandler
    - Changed parent project version to last SNAPSHOT
    - Add gpl license for src/main/java/com/thalesgroup/authzforce/core
    - Updated Thales Apache license
    - Added PdpBean to use PDP as JNDI resource
    - moved license files out of src/ folder to distinguish from source code
    - Removed thales author names from comment (control version system, e.g.
    git, is more reliable)
    - Added PdpModelHandler to handle PDP configuration model with support
    of dynamic extension loading (attribute finders, policy finders, etc.)
    - Added PdpConfigurationManager does the job of ConfigurationStore but
    using JAXB and new PDP Configuration XML schema instead of DOM, meant to
    replace ConfigurationStore completely
    - Replaced use of custom com.sun.xacml.CacheManager with Ehcache cache
    - Migrated code to java7 style
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