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    - Upgraded parent project version: 6.0.0 -> 7.0.0 · 5e371980
    cdanger authored
    - Upgraded dependencies: core-pdp-api: 11.0.0 ->12.0.0
    - Changed PDP XSD: 5.0.0 -> 6.0.0
    	- Attribute badRequestStatusDetailLevel ->
    	- Attribute requestFilter/resultFilter attributes -> element
    ioProcChain* (InOutProcChain: pair of request/response processors)
    	- Added maxIntegerValue attribute to help the PDP engine optimize
    processing of integer values (choice between Java integer
    implementations, i.e. BigInteger, Long, Integer)
    - Changed naming convention for class names with acronym(s) (only first
    letter should be uppercase), e.g. PolicyPOJO -> PolicyPojo	
    - Added module pdp-cli for PDP command-line interface, produces an
    executable jar allowing to test PDP engine on the command line
    - Added module pdp-io-xacml-json for PDP extensions processing
    (request/result pre/postprocessors) formats defined by JSON Profile of
    XACML 3.0, with OASIS XACML 3.0 conformance tests auto-converted (from
    XML) to JSON; therefore also provides XSLT sheets for transforming
    XACML/XML requests/responses to XACML/JSON
    - Adapted BasePdpEngine to new PdpEngine interface, i.e. agnostic of
    serialization format, e.g. XACML/XML specific part moved to separate
    PdpEngineInoutAdapter implementation
    - XACML/JAXB RequestFilters become RequestPreprocessors:
    	- DefaultRequestFilter -> SingleDecisionXacmlJaxbRequestPreprocessor
    	- MultiDecisionRequestFilter ->
    - PdpEngineAdapters utility class to help instantiate
    XACML/JAXB-supporting PDP engines
    - Added PdpEngineConfiguration utility class to simplify instantiation
    of BasePdpEngine from pdp.xml
    - Renamed PdpExtensionLoader -> PdpExtensions
    - Renamed CoreRefBasedRootPolicyProviderModule ->
    - Renamed CoreRefPolicyProviderModule -> CoreRefPolicyProvider
    - Renamed CoreRootPolicyProviderModule -> CoreRootPolicyProvider
    - Renamed MongoDBRefPolicyProviderModule -> MongoDbRefPolicyProvider
    - StaticApplicablePolicyView -> FlattenedPolicyTree
    - ImmutableDatatypeFactoryRegistry ->
    - StandardDatatypeFactoryRegistry -> StandardAttributeValueFactories
    - PDP extensions