Commit aa28b853 authored by cdanger's avatar cdanger
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Fixed backward compatibility on XacmlJsonUtils#canonicalizeResponse(JSONObject)

parent 52f594bc
......@@ -111,6 +111,18 @@ public final class XacmlJsonUtils
* Same as {@link #canonicalizeResponse(JSONObject, boolean)} but with second parameter set to false.
* @param xacmlJsonResponse
* input XACML Response
* @return canonicalized response
public static JSONObject canonicalizeResponse(final JSONObject xacmlJsonResponse)
return canonicalizeResponse(xacmlJsonResponse, false);
* Canonicalize a XACML/JSON response, typically for comparison with another one. In particular, it removes every Result's status as we choose to ignore the Status. Indeed, a PDP implementation
* might return a perfectly XACML-compliant response but with extra StatusCode/Message/Detail that we would not expect.
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