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    chore(maven): simplify build (#265) · fb0057c1
    Thomas Bouffard authored and Baptiste Mesta's avatar Baptiste Mesta committed
    Stop having bonita-web as parent
      - this added gwt dependencies to all modules
      - use bom for dependencies management instead
    remove declaration of uid version as it is not used (confirmed by the version
    which relates to bonita 7.6)
    upgrade plugins versions to latest available
    remove unused plugins
      - checksum-maven-plugin
      - jacoco-maven-plugin
    update maven-compiler plugin configuration
    Introduce bonita-war to replace all-in-one and war-server
      - the main change is to declare all dependencies in war-server to let maven
      resolve dependencies
      - only on community for now
      - previously, as we copied the lib from the web war and add the one for
      bonita-server, the dependencies resolution could not be properly done by maven
      So, now, just copy web resources first to create the initial war, then add all
      the lib to the war via full maven resolution
    Simplify the bundle preparation
      - previously, it was done in several steps because we had the deploy and the
      wildfly bundles.
      - now, we create a 'tomcat distribution for bonita', used for both Community
      and Enterprise to remove duplication
    Other changes
      - remove license files
      They are only packaged in the deploy bundle but not in the final tomcat one,
      so remove them
      - remove spnego jar from repository and get it as maven dependency
      - package: avoid warning on windows (outputDirectory)