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Review for #54 and MR !18 from @slejeune

Boris Baldassari requested to merge handbook_v1.1_newnames_review into handbook_v1.1

Hi @slejeune

I could not comment on the previous MR (your fork seems to be off-reach to me) so I merged it into a specific branch (handbook_v1.1_newnames) and then copied and pasted relevant files. This is a bit of a mess, I'm sorry, but I could not find another way to import your changes in the repo..

One of the consequences, and I feel bad over it, is that your commit (and your name on the commit) is lost. If there is a git guru around to fix that, I'd be more than happy to do so.

Regarding the MR you submitted, that's great, thanks! The translation files should not be modified however as they'll be managed through the weblate process (as I understand it). So I've simply copied the files from the content/ dir and added them to the new local branch handbook_v1.1_newnames_review.

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