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    Native inventory, based on JSON schema · 3a38ec5e
    Johan Cwiklinski authored
    Schema doc:
    Can be overrided from a plugin to inventory its own types.
    Based on inventory features provided from fusioninventoryplugin, and
    compatible with
    New uUpgraded equipement rules to handle several itemtypes, add reset capacity
    Handle Phones inventories
    Add entites rules
    Locks management for fields and its tests:
    - Fields that have been updated from GLPI must not be modified from
    inventory, and inventory does not lock anything.
    - An icon is displayed in main item form only, even if all item types
    can be locked. Displaying on all forms would require to change each
    form individually (very huge work to copy a few lines of code).
    - All item types can be locked
    Overridable USB and PCI vendors list
    Network inventory
    Support for network equipments, stacked, wireless, VLANS,
    LLDP/CDP and MAC connections, hubs
    Add some missing fields in network tables
    Use withHistory and fix usages
    Check request mime type lowercase
    Rework ports display
    Handle unmanaged equipments
    Display hub connected equipments
    Handle managements port
    Connections logs
    Add metrics on port bytes and errors
    Exclude metrics data from glpi log system
    Inventory printers from SNMP information
    Handle cartridge information
    Handle page counters
    Refused  equipment log with rule and inventory replay
    Display error when already in transaction
    Link to import rules collections from config
    Order rules by ranking
    Enhance blacklists and add new defaults
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