[JORAM-267] - Not taking into account properties when recreating an existing destination
[JORAM-356] - Impact on the persistence of multiple consumption requests with timeout.
[JORAM-361] - Engine monitoring
[JORAM-374] - Reconnection to the DB in JDBCTransaction
[JORAM-378] - Message tracking through bridges


[JORAM-283] - Discreet updating of destination properties
[JORAM-290] - Loop when stopping the JMS bridge
[JORAM-345] - Update of the Rest bridge to take into account the temporary change of URIs
[JORAM-357] - WARN traces about the closed session in the Session.setTransacted method
[JORAM-365] - Update version of Felix / Gogo
[JORAM-366] - Use of hierarchical destination names with the Rest / JMS API and the Rest / JMS bridge
[JORAM-367] - Rest / JMS bridge problem with CXF
[JORAM-368] - Configure client authentication in the SSL / JMS connector
[JORAM-372] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception while cleaning up the queue request queue.
[JORAM-376] - Persistence of JNDI connections after disconnection

New Feature

[JORAM-359] - Significant slowdown when accumulating messages in a queue.
[JORAM-360] - Implementation of a transactional module and / or a repository based on LevelDB.
[JORAM-375] - Creation of a Healthcheck JMS module