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manager: Adapt html to stricter rules in angularjs >= 1.8.0

label elements in XHTML must have a matching closing tag for strict XHTML conformity; when upgrading to angularjs 1.8.0, this became mandatory even when used with angular because of some potential XSS issue.


This is similar to !155 (merged), but for widgets I didn't notice had issues at the time; this issue is seen when e.g. trying to create a new OIDC RP through the manager, as well as when trying to create a new virtual host. (Because they use the same modal component.) At this time, I also grepped for label.*/> and textarea.*/> and this is the only locations I found.

This was observed with LLNG 2.0.9+ds-2 in debian bullseye (with libjs-angularjs 1.8.0-1).

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