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Allow dynamic portal URL

Maxime Besson requested to merge fix-portal-dynamic-url-3040 into v2.0

This MR fixes #3040 (closed) by restoring the ability to have a sub as the portal URL in the handler, and making the portal aware of this.

The main mechanism is storing the portal URL in the $req object.

It can be enabled like this:

     # auto-set the cookie domain to the portal subdomain
     domain   => '#PORTALDOMAIN#',

     # use for all apps on *, and in every other case (including CDA)
     portal   =>
'inDomain("") ? "" : ""',

I have also ported some, but no all features of LemonLDAP to be compatible with this new ability:

  • OIDC Issuer
  • WebAuthn/U2F

But not Auth::SSL (as of yet)

I have written some minimal unit tests, and will be conducting some in-situation testing with a user over the next months. This therefore should be considered a beta feature (which is why I haven't documented it yet)

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