1. 22 Apr, 2021 3 commits
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      [Misc] Migrates RegisterTest to docker. · e72abb6b
      Manuel Leduc authored
      Register test has to sub-classes: RegisterWithoutLiveValidationTest and RegisterFromAdministrationTest.
      These classes are defining two variation points in the tests:
      - the use of client side validation
      - the use of the guest user registration form, or the use of the user creation modal in the administration.
      All three classes are replaced by a single docker test (RegistrationIT) where the different test variations are defined using Junit 5 parametrized tests mechanism.
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      XWIKI-18591: XWiki#getConfiguredSyntaxes() will return xwiki/1.0 when... · 4a72f8a7
      Vincent Massol authored
      XWIKI-18591: XWiki#getConfiguredSyntaxes() will return xwiki/1.0 when xwiki.rendering.syntaxes is not set
      * Moved the code to legacy since it's not used anymore
      * Also, don't hardcode the default syntax anymore
    • Simon Urli's avatar
      XWIKI-18586: Inconsistent behavior of Notifications Applications Preferences Macro · 22cf62ff
      Simon Urli authored
        * Reuse the logic already used in other notification macro settings to
          use a JS a user data serialized in the velocity to avoid mistakes.
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